1.How do I post a task to get something done? 

Firstly sign up so that we know who you are and what task it is that you need assistance with, just post it here. Posting a task is simple and free. All you need is a valid credit card (you will be charged, but the money will be held in a locked vault by Paypal until the task has been completed and you are happy with the task):
1. When you post a task, make sure you describe it in as much detail as you can. Indicate when and where it needs to be done, as well as any expenses that your WorkerBee will need to cover themselves. The more detail you include in the task on set up, the higher the chance that your task will be completed on time and to your exact specifications. You can choose between having your task automatically assigned at a price you set, or opening it up to bids so that you can select a WorkerBee that appeals and fits your requirements the in the best way.

2. We send a notification out to the WorkerBee in your area and you will quickly hear from the WorkerBee who can help. You will then receive an e-mailbuzz whenever there is activity on the task that you have posted.

3. Once your task is completed, release the payment to yourWorkerBee and then rate and review them to indicate your level of satisfaction. This aspect is really important so that we can tell the good Bees from the bad Bees. If your WorkerBee pays for anything while doing your task (like the ironing they pick up for you), you can reimburse them through our site too. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at info@bumblebeeme.com 

2.How does payment work?

Payment for your task is made through the Bumblebeeme website partner  PayPal, using your credit or debit card  Visa or Master card.You will be charged for your task in advance, however this money will be held in a secure vault by PayPal and will not be released until after it has been marked as "Complete", by your assigned WorkerBee. The price you set for your task is entirely up to you. You can either indicate the price you want to pay and have a WorkerBee automatically assigned, or you open your task up to bids and select an offer that fits your budget.  When posting your task, look out for the two task assignment options. You can:

... keep the default Auto-assign option and set the price you are willing to pay to have your task completed. This option does not allow for you to choose a WorkerBee. Instead, a WorkerBee can pick up your task at the price you set.

select : Let me review and you will be able to review every WorkerBee who offers to do your task. You can accept and decline offers.

... switch your task to Bids. In this case, you will not set a price. The WorkerBee will bid what they want to be paid to do your task. You can then select the WorkerBee you wish to work with from those who have made offers.
Once a WorkerBeehas completed your task, you just need to log back into the website and click on the orange Finish & Pay button on your task post. You'll have a chance to add any bonuses or reimbursements, and review your WorkerBee. For more information contact us at info@bumblebeeme.com

3. How can I start doing tasks?

Become a WorkerBee. We are currently adding WorkerBees to the hivebased on demand in our active market.
All you have to do is sign up for a free WorkerBeeaccount. Once you're a member, you can apply to be a WorkerBee here.
Once you complete your profile, you will be able to start bidding on tasks, andenjoy the benefits of the site.
For more information contact us at info@bumblebeeme.com

4. What is Bumblebeemeall about? What can I post?

Bumblebeeme is a web and mobile marketplace that provides people and businesses with an easy and trusted way to get everyday tasks done in their own neighborhoods. We connect Bumblebees who need something done to WorkerBee who can carry out those tasks, all within that Hive Community.
You can post a task for just about anything you need, House Chores like laundry, installing a loft ladder or cleaning, professional services like photography or web design, and moving tasks you want to farm out like packing, organising or gardening... If it's on your to-do list and you want it off your to-do list, the chances are aWorkerBee can tackle it, and pump some extra hours back into your day, so you can spend your time doing the things, that you really want to do...
TheWorkerBeecommunity is self-policing. Inappropriate task posts will be flagged, reported, and subsequently removed. Please use common sense when posting new tasks, post as much clear detail as possible and things will get done. See a list of our task here.

5.Do you have an iPhone or Android app?

We are all about speed and mobility, and we are currently developing the mobile apps for Android and iOS. We hope to have it available for download in early Summer. This will make it easy to post, find and manage tasks all on the go. 

6.What if I have a question, dispute, or other problem?  

If it concerns details of a certain task, the first step is to contact your WorkerBee. Since WorkerBees are independently employed, they can help you with just about any issue that may come up. If for some reason your WorkerBee cannot address your concerns, reach out to our Member Services Team at:support@bumblebeeme.com

7.How do I know how much to bid? 

  • 1. the costs of travelling to do the task (i.e., petrol, parking fees, etc.)
  • 2. any tools or supplies you'll need to provide (such as a lawnmower, or vacuum)
  • 3. the level of skill required
  • 4. how long the task will take
  • 5. the deadline for the task and the reality of that timeline You're a talented, skilled worker who deserves fair pay for what you are going to do. Bid a fair rate for the work you are about to do and take into account how long it will take from beginning to end. You can also make a bid for a specific amount of time by sending comment with your bid like,This bid is for 4 hours of work. We can work out an extra percentage to add if we go over in time. For more details contact us at

8.How do I customise my profile? 

Once you are logged in, click on My Profile in the drop down list on the right. 
You'll then be taken to your profile page. Click on the yellow button on the right of the page that says  Customise Profile. 
You'll be able to add all the details about yourself, upload a profile photo, upload a video about yourself, update your city as well as link your Bumblebeemeprofile, to your other social networks, the usual ones like Facebook and Twitter. For more details contact us at info@bumblebeeme.com

 9.Can I pay for a task using cash? 

Normally Cash is King, but not on Bumblebeeme. Any payments for services must be paid through our friends at PayPal using your credit or debit card. Tips and reimbursements for extra costs may be paid in cash as they are outside of the original deal.  Of course, you can also pay for tips or reimbursements through the website using your credit card if you prefer. For more details contact us at info@bumblebeeme.com 

10.Can I talk to a Workerbee before I hire them?

To protect your privacy and the health of the marketplace, we ask that you do not exchange contact information with WorkerBee before you hire them. Once you assign a WorkerBee to your task, you will have and will need to have access to their contact information (email and phone number), and they will receive yours. Before your task is assigned, you can send and receive messages from the WorkerBees. If you want to ask a prospective WorkerBee a question, it is best to send them a message through our platform to learn more and select the right candidate for your task. For more details contact us at info@bumblebeeme.com